Tuesday, January 24, 2012


you know, it's funny. i spend a little time on the computer everyday but i don't often have the time to thoughtfully reach out via the internet, email, etc. i wish i could figure out how to be better at that.

that said, i hadn't realized that i hadn't been blogging. i've been squirreling away all these little nut gems to show you on a tumblr page and in my etsy favorites and on my desktop but i haven't actually been posting! well, hibernation times or not, there's no reason for me to hog this stuff. i've been really seeing a lot. blogs and internet window shopping are so good for the day dreaming life. and in my particular day dreams, it seems i live in a cabin covered with moss and filled with extremely costly things. hilariously out-of-my budget wondrous treasures.

here's some stuff that's been on my external hard mind/in my never-going-to happen wish list:

apc is making quilts and they are perfect:

my house has a growing collection of mushroomed themed things. it will be a long time before this is one of them but still, my fingers are crossed:

this bag, which seems to radiate magic, is almost $1000:


i can't show you all of the things by marty fielding that i love here for many reasons. 1 is that i love everything that marty fielding makes and 2 is because i am scared that if i show you (and therefore the world), it will be tantamount to me giving up a secret. something about this stuff just really speaks to me and i like to pretend it is mine and mine alone.

jason gave me this platter for christmas. i was totally breathless.

marty fielding, i think you are the best, ok ?

takashi iwasaki. the first 3 are embroidery. !!!!!???!!!!

reminds me of my favorite pen and ink paul klee stuff.
oh it's just so what i wish real life was like...

aren't these wonderful? i want you to guess how much they went for at auction.

insanely neat and special:

are you freaking kidding me ? dreams come true, for both me and you, yasmin.
i mean, if you feel good about yourself when you're half naked in public, it's worth it, right?

and yasmin, last but not least, i didn't come by the bar tonight because a. i couldn't find a date and b. i had to finish your big surprise. i can't afford to buy all this stuff only because your bathroom renovation was so costly. do you like it?

you're welcome!!!



ps- it's funny that you posted that fly fishing bandana! it's been in my bookmarks for some time. when augie's a grown dog, he's getting one to wear to the park for frisbee. that or the neat cloud one.

Friday, January 20, 2012


Winter has turned into a middle-aged woman; listening to Mozart, drinking hot chocolate spiked with Icelandic Schnapps, reading two week old issues of the New Yorker so I'm just far enough behind the times to not know what the kids are talking about. 

The only thing that is getting me through is the occasional gander into my Pantone book and sleeping in a room with a color scheme that any 13-year old middle schooler would be jealous of. To keep me going this winter I will find all things bright and rainbow to shake me out of the grey skies.

Winter reading:

I like the books more than the shelf. 

Sip sip, glug glug:

whoa whoa whoa whoa:


A place to lounge while basked in UV lamp-light:

(A&G Merch)

The white ones are too pretty for me to ever want to use:

Stylish Ice fishing trip?:

Off to my piano lesson, trying to decide if I really want to save the extra time by riding my bike in 3 layers of tights and a sweater that is warm but too atrociously ugly for public viewing. 

Probably not. 

Write back soon? 


Friday, November 4, 2011

Ms. Warner Corner,

What a swell shopping time at the Williamsburg Beacon's that was. Until my blood sugar dropped and I realized I was literally walking in a circle staring at a book filled with pictures of objects that looked like Jesus. Stalactite Jesus. Coffee ground Jesus. Jelly bean Jesus. Lamb burger with cucumber dill yogurt on a brioche bun Jesus. 

Good thing I always carry a sampling of fruits and nuts in my nap sack. Nap snack. 

Back to business.

Ashley is a photo genius (ashleymacknica.com) and she managed to make my sleepy cold self look like I was vacationing on a rooftop in Belize:

(Remember how pretty the top of my building looked until you would glance behind you and see dog poo strewn around? I feel like a den mom living in this building sometimes, telling the campers to put their toys away. And by toys I mean cigarette butt filled beer cans and feces. Kids.)

I really love how my outfit turned out. Simple statement pieces that are all interesting on their own but as an outfit look clean and put together. I'm wearing a lace body suit by Jill Stuart underneath the flowy top. Like a Fly Girl going on a date to Peter Luger's. Boowwwchiccawowow. 

Oh how I miss working at the Park Slope Beacon's. Besides working next to my closest friendlies, I have found so many gems to the max. Evidence:

I realized pants are hard to photograph. They just look like crumpled up children's leggings. 

In other news, I have our costumes for next Halloween ready in my mind:

Fly Girl Pirates. J Lo is so sassy!

See you at Christine's, I'm bringing another pie. Sweet potato graham cracker crust marshmallow meringue. Fatty fatty winter Yazzy is baaaacccckkkkk.


p.s. Awwww.