Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ok. obviously i understand about moving freak outs-- i've been working on this post for a month now but let's go. i'm saying it aloud now, publicly. no freak outs, only roof tops.

i'm moving in with the boss man on october 15th.


we have a dream home in mind-- plants galore, white and wood, textiles and art, and friends over all the time. he's a great gardener and a great drawer and a great cook and a great entertainer. i'm very good at sitting on a couch.

anyways, we have lots of things we need.

here are some wish list interiors and objects:

grown-up, gorgeous, not from ikea. handle with care.

for plant friends:


jason said i could paint the bathroom neon peach. we'll also need a shower curtain:

hans wegner for day dreaming and blogging and record listening and yogurt and cereal eating and being darn happy:

wall hanging for above the bed:

breakfast nook family:

just for you, when you come for tea in the afternoon and stay til breakfast the next day....

we need a new and beautiful couch-- the one i have is comfy but ugs.

jens risom's couches. i am a fan. they can be-like- $7,000, however.
i am impoverished but i can admire from afar.

this one's kind of amazing

i have fantasies of a pink one...

this is Folke Ohlsson... it looks a little blah here but in the right context-- lot's of deep and rich colors to liven it up...

here is my inspiration board from design sponge sneak peaks...

i've sent you this image before but i'm reposting because it's exactly exactly..

this is jason in wall form

bedroom possibilities...


because our bedroom is about this big...

at long last, room for a dining table:

i like the art constellation on this wall:

Monday, September 27, 2010

Jessica W.,

As you know, I've been stressing to the max times ten plus twenty-eight about finding a new place. Ugg. Blech. I don't know if I can do it anymore. I've seen some pretty comfy looking park benches in Chinatown... maybe I'll join a collective of old Asian women who strap a 15 pound bag of cans on a broom stick and dig through the LES trash. At least it would give me purpose in life. And they look pretty buff. Done.

Until then, the only thing that is getting me through my search is my mastermind vision of the apartment I will one day live in.

Starting with this $18,900 rug. Because Schlitz cans are worth pure gold now a days:

(Alexander McQueen Rug)

Gender neutral:

(Von Wilmowsky)

Liquor cabinet?



Where we will have our family meals:

(artavironi on etsy)

I'd puff on a candy cigarette instead of smoking a pipe full of cherry tobacco on this. Urban Outfitters, who'da thunk?

(urban outfitters)

To eat my TV dinners on:

(Factory 20)

I could keep going on and on and on. But will stop here... for now. See you in my imaginary new home, friend.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yo J.W.,

I love and like and love this tiny itty bitty sweetness:

The worlds smallest video filmed on a Nokia N8.

Probably constructed by nimble child finger.... is it illegal if it's for arts sake?

Back to stressing about my future apartment (and lack there of).

Love you,