Friday, November 4, 2011

Ms. Warner Corner,

What a swell shopping time at the Williamsburg Beacon's that was. Until my blood sugar dropped and I realized I was literally walking in a circle staring at a book filled with pictures of objects that looked like Jesus. Stalactite Jesus. Coffee ground Jesus. Jelly bean Jesus. Lamb burger with cucumber dill yogurt on a brioche bun Jesus. 

Good thing I always carry a sampling of fruits and nuts in my nap sack. Nap snack. 

Back to business.

Ashley is a photo genius ( and she managed to make my sleepy cold self look like I was vacationing on a rooftop in Belize:

(Remember how pretty the top of my building looked until you would glance behind you and see dog poo strewn around? I feel like a den mom living in this building sometimes, telling the campers to put their toys away. And by toys I mean cigarette butt filled beer cans and feces. Kids.)

I really love how my outfit turned out. Simple statement pieces that are all interesting on their own but as an outfit look clean and put together. I'm wearing a lace body suit by Jill Stuart underneath the flowy top. Like a Fly Girl going on a date to Peter Luger's. Boowwwchiccawowow. 

Oh how I miss working at the Park Slope Beacon's. Besides working next to my closest friendlies, I have found so many gems to the max. Evidence:

I realized pants are hard to photograph. They just look like crumpled up children's leggings. 

In other news, I have our costumes for next Halloween ready in my mind:

Fly Girl Pirates. J Lo is so sassy!

See you at Christine's, I'm bringing another pie. Sweet potato graham cracker crust marshmallow meringue. Fatty fatty winter Yazzy is baaaacccckkkkk.


p.s. Awwww. 


  1. Hey there,

    I work in a New York TV production company and we're currently putting together a show about thrifting. I came across your blog and thought you two might just be perfect for the show.

    I would love to talk to you further - my email is and I'll hope to hear from you both soon.