Friday, January 20, 2012


Winter has turned into a middle-aged woman; listening to Mozart, drinking hot chocolate spiked with Icelandic Schnapps, reading two week old issues of the New Yorker so I'm just far enough behind the times to not know what the kids are talking about. 

The only thing that is getting me through is the occasional gander into my Pantone book and sleeping in a room with a color scheme that any 13-year old middle schooler would be jealous of. To keep me going this winter I will find all things bright and rainbow to shake me out of the grey skies.

Winter reading:

I like the books more than the shelf. 

Sip sip, glug glug:

whoa whoa whoa whoa:


A place to lounge while basked in UV lamp-light:

(A&G Merch)

The white ones are too pretty for me to ever want to use:

Stylish Ice fishing trip?:

Off to my piano lesson, trying to decide if I really want to save the extra time by riding my bike in 3 layers of tights and a sweater that is warm but too atrociously ugly for public viewing. 

Probably not. 

Write back soon? 



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