Tuesday, January 24, 2012


you know, it's funny. i spend a little time on the computer everyday but i don't often have the time to thoughtfully reach out via the internet, email, etc. i wish i could figure out how to be better at that.

that said, i hadn't realized that i hadn't been blogging. i've been squirreling away all these little nut gems to show you on a tumblr page and in my etsy favorites and on my desktop but i haven't actually been posting! well, hibernation times or not, there's no reason for me to hog this stuff. i've been really seeing a lot. blogs and internet window shopping are so good for the day dreaming life. and in my particular day dreams, it seems i live in a cabin covered with moss and filled with extremely costly things. hilariously out-of-my budget wondrous treasures.

here's some stuff that's been on my external hard mind/in my never-going-to happen wish list:

apc is making quilts and they are perfect:

my house has a growing collection of mushroomed themed things. it will be a long time before this is one of them but still, my fingers are crossed:

this bag, which seems to radiate magic, is almost $1000:


i can't show you all of the things by marty fielding that i love here for many reasons. 1 is that i love everything that marty fielding makes and 2 is because i am scared that if i show you (and therefore the world), it will be tantamount to me giving up a secret. something about this stuff just really speaks to me and i like to pretend it is mine and mine alone.

jason gave me this platter for christmas. i was totally breathless.

marty fielding, i think you are the best, ok ?

takashi iwasaki. the first 3 are embroidery. !!!!!???!!!!

reminds me of my favorite pen and ink paul klee stuff.
oh it's just so what i wish real life was like...

aren't these wonderful? i want you to guess how much they went for at auction.

insanely neat and special:

are you freaking kidding me ? dreams come true, for both me and you, yasmin.
i mean, if you feel good about yourself when you're half naked in public, it's worth it, right?

and yasmin, last but not least, i didn't come by the bar tonight because a. i couldn't find a date and b. i had to finish your big surprise. i can't afford to buy all this stuff only because your bathroom renovation was so costly. do you like it?

you're welcome!!!



ps- it's funny that you posted that fly fishing bandana! it's been in my bookmarks for some time. when augie's a grown dog, he's getting one to wear to the park for frisbee. that or the neat cloud one.