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Mortgage refinance rates have been falling as low as 3.5%. It's not certain whether such low mortgage rates will continue but, no matter what's happening in world markets, this site brings you the current mortgage rates. When fixed mortgage rates are low, you can significantly reduce your monthly payments.


Why refinance a home loan?

The first and most obvious reason is that, by locking in today's low home loan interest rates, you can make substantial savings on your monthly payments. If there is enough equity in the home, you can also get cash back to pay down credit cards debts and other more expensive loans. Consolidating most of your outstanding debt in a single loan secured on your property can save a substantial amount of interest.

To find out what home refinance rates are available, go through the simple process on this site to get quotes. It is quick and easy to identify home refinance at low, fixed-rate loan rates and decide whether you will benefit by accepting one of the quotes. If in doubt get professional advice, e.g. on whether to reduce the period of the loan.

Mortgage rates go up and down. Why is this? »

Mortgage rates go up and down. Why is this?

For those of you with short memories, interest rates reached a peak in January 1981 when the prime rate was 20%. The joke then was it was cheaper to borrow from the Mafia than your local bank. The question, of course, is why mortgage rates can go up to such high numbers one year and then fall back down the next. Is this a conspiracy between governments, banks and other more shadowy agencies? Or is there a simple explanation?

Are mortgage interest rates going up or down? »

Are mortgage interest rates going up or down?

Every month, the bond markets publish trends based on daily surveys of all the major borrowers and lenders. Because the economic news from Europe continued bad, April showed a continuing movement of funds into the US market. Rightly or wrongly, US Treasuries continue to be viewed as a safe harbor in these difficult economic times. This unexpected supply of funds keeps US mortgage interest rates either stable or falling which is clearly good news for anyone currently looking for a mortgage or refinancing.

Compare mortgage refinance quotes and save money »

Compare mortgage refinance quotes and save money

There's always a slight fear element when you start thinking about so much money, but the first rule for making good decisions about mortgage refinance quotes is to stay calm. The key variables are the APR, i.e. the interest expressed as an annual rate, the term, i.e. the number of years you propose to borrow, the points, i.e. the IRS code allows you to deduct percentage points from your mortgage as an expense if you satisfy some requirements, and the fees the lender proposes to charge you.